Corporations are the bedrock of our capitalist economy.  At Rosanova & Whitaker we provide counsel to individuals starting a business and seeking to incorporate under the laws of the State of Illinois.

Although there are ample services to assist individuals in the formation of a corporation under the laws of the State of Illinois, these services fail to provide the counsel necessary to select the proper type of entity, to understand tax consequences, and to provide the documentation necessary to establish proper corporate structures and formalities. What many business owners may not recognize is that failure to comply with these corporate formalities may result in a court finding personal liability for a business owner. 

Our services begin with an initial consultation and continue on an as-needed basis through corporate entity selection and formation, through the drafting and negotiation of operating agreements and by-laws, through initial and annual corporate meetings, through annual reports and through employee documentation and associated issues. 

Our firm assists clients in accomplishing a wide range of corporate transactions, including:

Corporate Transactions


Formation of Corporate and LLC entities


Preparation of operating agreements and By Laws


Assistance with Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures


Drafting Employments Agreements


Drafting Buy-Sale Shareholders Agreement


Perform Due Diligence

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